The Films

Here is a list of the Films featured in The Art of Perseverance.
The film title is hyperlinked to take you to a post detailing the Synopsis, and to watch a trailer if available.
A biography is available of the filmmaker if their name is hyperlinked.

On each post, there are links to watch the film.
Please support these filmmakers AND PAY to watch it.

54 Days by Tim Lea
Backyard Ashes by Mark Grentell
Broke by Heath Davis (via Producer Luke Graham)
Fell by Kasimir Burgess (and producer by John Maynard)
I am a Girl by Rebecca Barry
If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front by Marshall Curry
Love Marriage in Kabul by Amin Palangi
Love of my Life by Michael Budd
Matching Jack by Nadia Tass and David Parker
Redd Inc by Daniel Krige
Rough Stuff by Jonathan Adams
Skin Deep by Johnny Leahey (via Executive Producer, Steve Jaggi)
Tender by Lynette Wallsworth (and producer Kath Shelper)
The Jammed by Dee McLachlan (via Producer Andrea Buck, and Distributor John L Simpson)
The Big Lap by Steve Baile
The Blush of Fruit by Jakeb Anvhu
The Dressmaker by Jocelyn Moorhouse (via Producer Sue Maslin)
The Last Impresario by Gracie Otto
The Tunnel by Carlo Ledesma (via Producer Enzo Tedeschi)
The Worm Hunters by Randall Wood
Touch by Chris Houghton (and Producer Julie Byrne)


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