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Luke Graham

luke grahamBiography:

Luke Graham has built a career creating multi award winning short films, including “Spoonman”, “Bella” “Comfortable” , “Bee Sting” and “The Last Roll of the Dice”.

Luke started film production house Scope Red in 2005 specialising in music videos, corporate videos and television commercials, which he worked with multiple directors including Heath Davis who continued their collaboration with “Bee Sting” which has played at major international film festivals including the prestigious Aspen Shortsfest.

“Braille”, his micro budget first feature film recently received distribution in the USA with Osiris Entertainment, its third territory internationally behind South Africa and Japan through IFM Films.


Links to Luke:

Website: http://scopered.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/scopered1


Steve Baile

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 10.22.30 amBiography:

I’m a road trip junkie! There’s nothing I love more than packing up the 4WD or motorbike and heading for the horizon in search of new adventures. In 2005-2007 I travelled 46,600 km over 16 months around Australia with my wife Jen and 2 young daughters and made a 10 episode documentary series, The Big Lap. Now I divide my time between running Expedition Australia and planning the next adventure.Steve Baile

Links to Steve:
Website 1: http://www.expeditionaustralia.com.au/author/stevebaile/Website 2: http://about.me/stevebaile


Michael Budd


Michael Hamish Budd (born July 2, 1974, Sydney, Australia) is an Australian film actor, director,and producer. Love of my life was his feature directorial debut. In the past he has appeared in many Hollywood films, he is best known for playing Esmael, alongside Henry Cavill and Sigourney Weaver in The Cold Light of Day (2012) and playing the Zion Controller in The Matrix Reloaded (2003).
Michael studied in London where he was mentored under a second generation Meisner tutor (Scott Williams) and the teachings of William Ball. After graduating from the Meisner technique with the Impulse Company in 2010 he played on stage in works of Chekhov and Shakespeare and Mamet plays. Michael’s interest in the film-making process as a whole flourished, making short films himself and also commissioning projects for Westminster Arts Library.

Michael Budd’s breakout feature film Love Of My Lifea thriller starring Logie Award winner Peter O’Brien has recently won Best Horror / Sci-Fi at the Mt Hood Film Festival, and has also sold to Gravitas’ Video On Demand Network – delivering it to 100 Million homes across America. This film demonstrates Michael’s bold vision for commercially viable, artistic films to be produced in Australia.

michael budd on set

Links to Michael:
Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Budd
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1369377/

Great quote from Jim Jarmusch that neatly sums up The Art of Perseverance

I put ‘A film by’ as a protection of my rights, but I don’t really believe it. It’s important for me to have a final cut, and I do for every film. So I’m in the editing room every day, I’m the navigator of the ship, but I’m not the captain, I can’t do it without everyone’s equally valuable input. For me it’s phases where I’m very solitary, writing, and then I’m preparing, getting the money, and then I’m with the crew and on a ship and it’s amazing and exhausting and exhilarating, and then I’m alone with the editor again … I’ve said it before, it’s like seduction, wild sex, and then pregnancy in the editing room. That’s how it feels for me

Jim Jarmusch, The Guardian, February 2014

Read the rest of the interview here


Video – ‘A Discussion on the Future of Australian Feature Distribution’.

I attended the Screen Producers Australia Screen Forever conference in Melbourne, November 2013.

I was asked to be filmed by ScreenPro and FanDependent in association with Screen Producers Australia to answer some questions on the state of the Australian Film Industry.

This is the first of three episodes of  Interviews were filmed: ‘A Discussion on the Future of Australian Feature Distribution’.

Join the discussion at http://screenpro.tv

The next questions will be ‘What changes would you recommend?‘ – coming soon.

Research: Valuing Australia’s Creative Industries Final Report Creative Industries Innovation Centre December 2013

The Creative Industries Innovation Centre (CIIC), which is part of the Australian Government’s Enterprise Connect program, and hosted by the University of Technology, Sydney.

Screenshot 2014-02-19 12.27.01

The CIIC supports the business of creative enterprise by providing business advisory services nationally.

The Creative Industries Innovation Centre (CIIC) has worked with over 1,500 creative enterprises since 2009. This has given us a unique vantage point to identify the strengths and opportunities as well as weaknesses and threats that are shaping their future.

However, this sharp focus on individual businesses is not enough. We need to focus on the big picture – the sum of the parts – providing greater detail and analysis of the creative economy landscape.

The CIIC thus commissioned the production of this report, Valuing Australia’s Creative Industries (2013). Learn more about the report here.

The report validates and values the skills and capabilities of the creative industries in economic terms. It has the benefit of being internationally comparable, and clearly shows the increasing demand for creative skills sets across all industry sectors in our economy, as evidenced by the growing number of creatives employed within other industries.

Explore the big picture data on these pages through a range of interactive and sharable visualisations – intended to highlight some of the report’s key findings.

Download the full report, or view the press release.

Event – The Art of Perseverance in Australian Filmmaking – NAFA – Monday 17th March

Very pleased to have locked in another Panel Session for my thesis. Hope to see you there.

TITLE: ‘The Art of Perseverance in Australian feature filmmaking’ by Nick Bolton moderating  a panel of feature filmmakers.(tbc)
NAFA Choc Tops
Monday 17th March 2014
 6.30 pm – 8.30pm  
 Dolphin Hotel, 412 Crown Street, Surry Hills.
ENTRY: All Welcome. Admission $10 (NAFA members free)
MORE INFO: http://www.nafa.net.au/choc-tops/

About NAFA
NAFA is a networking group of actors, screenwriters, and filmmakers renowned for being creative and productive. We strongly believe in chasing our own opportunities to succeed in a tough industry.

Originating as a proactive actors’ group in 2002 (then called Networking Action For Actors), NAFA quickly expanded to include screenwriters and filmmakers. In doing so, we have become recognised as an important resource for castings and crew calls for shorts and features that range from student to independent and professional productions.

From the outset, NAFA has always been firmly based on the ideas of networking and education. We are best known for running the successful Choc Tops meetings, held each month at the Clock Hotel in Surry Hills.

On a larger scale, NAFA runs its film festival Show-Fest in late April or early May each year. Popular for the ‘Show & Tell’ format, cast and crew are invited onstage to discuss the making of their films after each screening. On a smaller scale, NAFA also organises script development workshops, social events, and a talent night.