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Media Relase – Fell released online

We have just had the privilege of filming Director Kasimir Burgess and Producer John Maynard and hear them discuss their new feature film Fell.

They have made the bold decision to release the film online. Here is the Media Release. Get your credit cards out and support this intriguing film!
Video interview forthcoming.


FELL image005

The 61st Sydney Film Festival and Adelaide Film Festival announce a video-on-demand stream of the Australian feature film Fell direct from its World Premiere at Sydney Film Festival on Tuesday 10 June.

Sydney Film Festival and Adelaide Film Festival will break with tradition and stream online the World Premiere Australian film Fell over the same weekend that it premieres in Official Competition at the State Theatre in Sydney.

“Sydney Film Festival is pleased to offer audiences across Australia the chance to have their own virtual festival premiere screening,” said Sydney Film Festival Director Nashen Moodley. “Fell will be available online from the Sydney Film Festival website on the day of the premiere, giving audiences beyond Sydney’s State Theatre access to the World Premiere of this stunning debut feature.”

Fell will screen in high definition to any Internet-enabled device: Smart TV, digital TV, touchscreen tablet, PC, laptop, game console or smartphone. It will be available on streaming for 50 hours from 8pm Friday 13 June EST until 10pm Sunday 15 June AEST. The film will be available to everyone in New South Wales, Queensland, Australian Capital Territory South Australia and Northern Territory.

“This is a really exciting way to explore the virtual film festival experience with a great new Australian film. We would love to hear about the midnight screening party in Alice Springs through to the matinee session in a living room in Goolwa. Adelaide Film Festival home delivery,” said Adelaide Film Festival Director Amanda Duthie.

“The World Premiere of Fell via the Internet is a game-changer in a multi-screen world. It’s democratic, it’s inclusive and it’s about time,” said the film’s producer, John Maynard.

Fell – more information and trailer: http://fellfilm.com

Sydney Film Festival runs for 12 days from Wednesday 4 June and screens over 190 films across nine venues including the magnificent State Theatre. Over 100 filmmaker guests attend the Festival to take part in talks, panels and Q&As. For the most up-to-date information on screenings and guests visit sff.org.au

Article: Just Something – 22 characteristics of creative people.

“Top characteristics of…” is a well worn publishers clickbait trick, and so when I came across the Just Something article “22things creative people do differently” it didn’t fill me with too much anticipation.

This one is quite nicely done, with good supporting images, if somewhat predictable, but what was more interesting is reading the lengthy comments section, for some robust debate on the definition of creativity, and there is some discussion as to why creativity too often refers to ‘art’ and not ‘science’.

Enjoy the article here, published in Just Something on April 30th.

Article: IndieWire – “Hot Docs: 9 Tips On How To Make Your First Documentary” by Marshall Curry

Delighted to see this article by one of my Originators, Marshall Curry, expanding on some of the topics we discussed at our Panel Session at DocWeek back in February.

Below is the first paragraph, and then Marshall proceeds to give 9 excellent tips that will help all of us, whether you are a doco or feature filmmaker, in developing your project.
Read the full article here, published in IndieWire on April 30th 2014 in an article by Paula Bernstein.

You’ve got a great story idea for a documentary, but aren’t sure how to pursue it. Today at Hot Docs in Toronto, Academy-Award nominated documentary filmmaker Marshall Curry, who is at Hot Docs with his latest project “Point and Shoot,” moderated a panel discussion featuring first-time filmmakers with films screening at Hot Docs: Amar Wala (“The Secret Trial 5,”) William Westaway (“Writer With No Hands”) and Clare Young (“From the Bottom of the Lake”). 

While the focus of the panel was on creative and funding challenges, Curry steered the discussion to provide helpful hints for aspiring documentary directors in the audience wondering how they can get their project off the ground.


Quote: Sylvester Stallone, his dog and the making of Rocky.

Whatever you think of Sly, you will think differently of him when you read this interesting article in Tickld. on the story of how Rocky, which Stallone wrote and produced, got made, and how Stallone stuck to his principles.

rocky balboa


Article: Junkee – “How to make it in the Australian Film industry” by Dee Jefferson

I have enjoyed the writings of Dee Jefferson over the years in many publications, least not least when she gave me a great review for a theatre show a few years back!

Dee has written a great article in Junkee about How to make it in the Australian Film industry. She challenges us to check how many films made in 2012 we have heard of, never mind seen.
Take a look here for yourself. and read the whole article here.
She then zeros in on three  first-time feature directors who will be premiering and/or releasing their babies in cinemas over the next few months: Zak Hilditch (These Final Hours, showing in Directors Fortnight in Cannes); Jennifer Kent (The Babadook); and Sophie Hyde (52 Tuesdays).

What I liked about this article is that Dee avoided the doom and gloom and ‘slag-off Screen Australia’ approach so oft used by journalists and social media naysayers, but elected to focus on a few key points to inspire future filmmaking projects

I think its time I introduced myself to Dee and had a chat.

I also think its time we all went and watched those three films and gave those inspiring creatives some moral and financial support.

So check out the trailer for 52 Tuesdays:


Films: ‘Side by Side’


So you should watch this film because if you are interested in filmmaking, it gives a great insight into the challenges faced by filmmakers during the evolution of film film making to digital film making.

It manages to describe complex technological issues in an easy to read manner, and is directed by Christopher Keneally and produced and presented by Keanu Reeves, who interviews everyone from Scorsese to Fincher, Lynch to Von Trier and more.

This doco inspired me to film the documentary I am making on The Art of Perseverance. Enjoy.

Website: http://sidebysidethemovie.com/
Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Side_by_Side_(2012_film) 

Jonathan Adams


Working in film and video was never a career choice for Jonathan – it was simply his default position! By the time he’d graduated high school he’d made 8 or 9 short films, including the screwball comedy “May the Best Man Win” and the musical satire “SCHOOL! The Musical”. The multi award-winning black comedy “Some Kind of Crazy” and the fantasy-adventure “10 Minutes” soon followed, representing major technical and creative milestones.

In 2007 Jonathan founded Progressive Pictures, which encompassed a range of video services from creative development and production to live event coverage and corporate video. By 2012 Progressive Pictures had grown to become one of Sydney’s premiere Corporate Video production houses, having worked on major training and communication projects for Integral (Endeavour) Energy, QBE Insurance, Stockland Group, 2and2, the NSW Government and many others.
At Progressive Pictures, Jonathan specialised in large-scale, scripted training scenario’s featuring large casts and a complex camera methodology, bringing a cinematic flavour and emotional hook to corporate learning and development. These experiences represented invaluable lessons in marrying his creative impulses with a strict corporate pragmatism.
In 2012, Jonathan partnered with eLearning company 2and2 to write, direct and produce all video for the Lend Lease EH&S Passport program, which went on to win the prestigious Platinum LearnX Award and “Best in Class” at the U.S. Interactive Media Awards. In early 2013, Progressive Pictures and 2and2 continued their collaboration on the Energy Efficiency Assist program for the Australian Industry Group and the Difficult Conversations education tool for the Fair Work Ombudsmen.
Jonathan has come to appreciate the delicate balance between art and commerce, a common interest he shares with TEN ALPHAS founder Nick Bolton. With the slew of digital innovations, it’s an exciting time for the filmmaker and as Creative Director Jonathan’s ten years of production experience will help bring Ten Alphas to the forefront of digital content creation.

With the slew of digital innovations, it’s an exciting time for the filmmaker. TEN ALPHAS is at the forefront of digital content creation.

With the “Relativity” web series, Jonathan has married an old-fashioned serial adventure with big questions about humanity’s place in the universe. And with the feature film Rough Stuff, his love of the Wild West and thirst for far-off adventure is married to questions of certainty and doubt in our polarised political climate.


Website: http://www.tenalphas.com.au/about-2/who-we-are/