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Video: Metroscreen ‘Screen 2030: Making Content Pay’

Those good folk at Metroscreen put on a great event called Screen 2030: Making Content Pay and also produced this accompanying video, which gives a great insight into the future of content. The video includes my fellow Masters student Marcus Gillezeau, and Ester Harding who is in the year below me. And I’ve also worked with Galvin, Louise and Tim so lots of familiar faces in here.

Published on 11 Jun 2014
An exploration of the future careers of content makers by some of the screen and media industry’s key thinkers, discussing the issues of changing audiences and distribution for screen content.

Metro Screen looks ahead to the next 10-15 years and asks the big questions: What will the screen industry look like in 2030 and will a creative screen career pay the rent?

Georgie McClean, Senior Manager of Strategy, Research and Communications at Screen Australia
Mark Pesce, futurist (Moore’s Cloud)
Marcus Gillezeau, digital producer (Firelight Productions)
Mike Jones, writer (Portal Entertainment)
Louise O’Donnell, writer/producer (Hoodlum)
Sandy George, media commentator
Peter Giles, educator, developer and producer (2and2)
Galvin Scott Davis (Protein One)
Ester Harding, documentary producer (Storm Surfers 3D, I Am a Girl, Goa Hippy Tribe)

Hosted by Tim Parsons

Produced by Metro Screen’s Digital Kitchen
Financed in association with Screen New South Wales
©Metro Screen 2014

Research – Hearts and Minds by Screen Australia

Hearts & Minds explores how and why Australians engage with local screen  stories on both television and film.
What is the role of local content in the screen diets of Australian viewers?
And more broadly, what is its cultural value?
What role does it play in the formulation of national identity?
How does it build towards a sense of belonging and participation?

All this and more is presented in a 28 page report by Screen Australia, developed as part of The Mind and Mood Report at IPSOS Australia.

Kim Dalton provided this keynote speech at the Dollars, Hearts and Mind conference in June 2013 elaborating on some of the key findings.

Hearts and Minds front cover

Where’s the audience for Australian films?

Rebecca Mostyn is the Research Manager, Production and Industry at Screen Australia and has been a great help to me and this thesis.
In January 2014, Rebecca wrote this great article for The Conversation on ‘Where’s the audience of Australian films?
There is some robust discussion in the comments at the bottom of the article as well.

Around 25 new Australian feature films are released into the market each year – so who’s watching them, when and how are they watching, and what makes them choose home-grown films over imported blockbusters?

films ata ussie cinema graphic

Video – Beyond the Box Office by Screen Australia

It’s a couple of years old now but In April 2011, Screen Australia released Beyond the Box Office. The report analyses patterns of screen media consumption in Australia, helping to understand shifts in media penetration and offering never-before-published insights into consumption of DVD/Blu-ray and online video.

The full article is here but you can watch these two insightful videos here.

Beyond the Box Office – understanding audiences in a multi-screen world