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Research – The Cost of Being an Independent Filmmaker

As I interview my Originators, I am assessing their perseverance across a few key criteria.

1/ Professional Perseverance in terms of expertise, leadership etc
2/ the Partnership Perseverance in terms of relationships with your personal partner, creative partners and other partners
3/ the Personal Perseverance in terms of mental and physical health
and then of course the good old Financial Perseverance which comes in various forms:

Persevering with your own money you are investing in the film.
Persevering with the Opportunity Cost of loss income that could have been derived working elsewhere.
Persevering with the pressure of finding revenue from investors
and then Perseverance of managing the investor revenue alongside escalating budgetary issues, and then paying off debts as distribution revenues come in.

This article here by Sarah Salovaara in Filmmaker Magazine is a good read. Here is the first paragraph, click through to read more.

Srolling through Twitter yesterday, I came across an interesting bit of data from the programmer-critic Miriam Bale that extended beyond the usual 140 characters. Linking to an external app, Bale drew up a breakdown of what she calls “the cost to have an indie film career. Stipulating that most independent filmmakers finance at least a portion of their work, in addition to their basic living expenses, it would take about $119,112 to sustain four years of a “career.” Bale also postulates that working a full time gig at $12/hour, you could save around $3,072 a year, for the next 39 years, before breaking even.