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Great quote from Jim Jarmusch that neatly sums up The Art of Perseverance

I put ‘A film by’ as a protection of my rights, but I don’t really believe it. It’s important for me to have a final cut, and I do for every film. So I’m in the editing room every day, I’m the navigator of the ship, but I’m not the captain, I can’t do it without everyone’s equally valuable input. For me it’s phases where I’m very solitary, writing, and then I’m preparing, getting the money, and then I’m with the crew and on a ship and it’s amazing and exhausting and exhilarating, and then I’m alone with the editor again … I’ve said it before, it’s like seduction, wild sex, and then pregnancy in the editing room. That’s how it feels for me

Jim Jarmusch, The Guardian, February 2014

Read the rest of the interview here


Video – ‘A Discussion on the Future of Australian Feature Distribution’.

I attended the Screen Producers Australia Screen Forever conference in Melbourne, November 2013.

I was asked to be filmed by ScreenPro and FanDependent in association with Screen Producers Australia to answer some questions on the state of the Australian Film Industry.

This is the first of three episodes of  Interviews were filmed: ‘A Discussion on the Future of Australian Feature Distribution’.

Join the discussion at http://screenpro.tv

The next questions will be ‘What changes would you recommend?‘ – coming soon.

Research: Valuing Australia’s Creative Industries Final Report Creative Industries Innovation Centre December 2013

The Creative Industries Innovation Centre (CIIC), which is part of the Australian Government’s Enterprise Connect program, and hosted by the University of Technology, Sydney.

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The CIIC supports the business of creative enterprise by providing business advisory services nationally.

The Creative Industries Innovation Centre (CIIC) has worked with over 1,500 creative enterprises since 2009. This has given us a unique vantage point to identify the strengths and opportunities as well as weaknesses and threats that are shaping their future.

However, this sharp focus on individual businesses is not enough. We need to focus on the big picture – the sum of the parts – providing greater detail and analysis of the creative economy landscape.

The CIIC thus commissioned the production of this report, Valuing Australia’s Creative Industries (2013). Learn more about the report here.

The report validates and values the skills and capabilities of the creative industries in economic terms. It has the benefit of being internationally comparable, and clearly shows the increasing demand for creative skills sets across all industry sectors in our economy, as evidenced by the growing number of creatives employed within other industries.

Explore the big picture data on these pages through a range of interactive and sharable visualisations – intended to highlight some of the report’s key findings.

Download the full report, or view the press release.

Films – Advance Australia Film

Advance Australian Film is an exciting, informative investigation into the Australian Film industry.

Independent filmmaker Courtney Dawson takes the viewer on an exploratory journey that chronicles the development and inner workings of Australian cinema. It’s been 20 years since an Australian film has reached number one at the yearly box office, and our films have consistently grossed under 5% of annual movie revenues for over a decade. Through in depth discussions with key industry figures and careful analysis of Australia’s past movie successes, Advance Australian Film explores the challenges facing the industry today, and ultimately seeks solutions for a brighter future.

The documentary also examines the changes occurring across the world, with crowd-funding, social media marketing and alternative distribution models empowering filmmakers like never before and changing the way movies are being produced and accessed.

Follow Courtney’s journey here


Research – Screen Producers Australia

From Screen Producers Australia – National Survey 2013

Featured campaigns and backgrounding document >> Briefing Paper, Industry Overview 2013

Compiles recent information about the industry, including a table of fast facts.

Data includes economic contribution, production characteristics, participation and performance, spending and advertising and productivity trends.

Download the research here

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Event – Screen Producers Australia National Roadshow

Building on 2013’s national roadshow, Matthew Deaner and Matthew Hancock from Screen Producers Australia will again lead policy discussions across the country with industry leaders and parliamentary colleagues, as part of our ongoing advocacy work.

Invitations, times and venues to the following events will be circulated in the coming weeks, but keep these dates in your diary:

Adelaide – Wednesday 5 March
Perth – Monday 10 March
Canberra – Monday 17 March
Melbourne – Tuesday 18 March
Brisbane – Friday 21 March
Sydney – Friday 28 March

Register here

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Event – Amplify your passion at work

Looking forward to this mini-event that is part of the build-up to the excellent Amplify event run by Annalie Killian and her team at AMP

John will of course be focussing his talk on the perseverance required in the corporate arena but I look forward to seeing the similarities to the film industry.

Samplify Deloitte