Masters in Screen Arts and Business at the Australian Film Television and Radio School


aftrs logo

AFTRS is Australia’s national screen arts and broadcast school and is regarded as one of the top 20 Film School’s in the world – and the only Australian institution to make the list!

Delivering advanced training specifically for the screen arts and broadcast industry in Australia since 1972, AFTRS is the only institution of its kind in Australia – where students spanning all of the specialist areas within the screen arts and broadcast sector work together under the one roof with industry standard facilities and gear that incudes:

  • dedicated production studios for film
  • recording studios for screen music & sound
  • equipment stores & technical staff
  • professional electricians
  • a set construction workshop
  • props & staging department
  • production staff & post production facilities.
  • the biggest and most comprehensive screen arts & broadcast library in Australia


The course equips students to participate fully in the financial aspects of any project covering how to pull apart a financial proposition and put it back together; understanding financial modelling; and how to communicate financial information to stakeholders.

A key aspect of leadership is the ability to persuade. Through a series of workshops and exercises students will learn the arts of persuasion and how to influence fellow decision makers – on paper and in person.

Leadership is also the ability to think critically and creatively. Leaders need to be able to absorb the innovative thinking of others with disparate fields of expertise, and adapt that thinking to senior management decisions. To cultivate this you will present and participate in seminars on some of the great texts of politics, economics and philosophy.

The media sector is strongly influenced by government policy and regulation. It is therefore essential that students are able to grasp and engage with the public policy process. To this end students will work in groups to solve a ‘live’ public policy issue and present their solution to a panel of industry leaders.

Students will hear from high-profile media, public sector and business figures during the course. Each will conduct a specialised workshop or lead a seminar to share their insights on leadership. The course will also play host to guest speakers who have achieved success in different fields, providing invaluable opportunities for formal and informal professional dialogue and industry connections.

In their final year, students apply their skills by undertaking a bona fide consultancy for a media or screen business. The student will also work on a project of their own that solidifies their learning.

The course provides multiple opportunities to develop connections with industry leaders, policy-makers and fellow students. These may form the basis of a life-long professional network.


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