Welcome to ‘The Art of Perseverance in film making in Australia’.

This website is part of a thesis as part of the Masters in Screen Arts and Business at the Australian Film Television and Radio School, being undertaken by Nick Bolton.

AFTRS is Australia’s national screen arts and broadcast school and is regarded as one of the top 20 Film School’s in the world.

What is The Art of Perseverance?
All art forms require an element of perseverance. To some non-creative people, artists have to expend large amounts of time, effort and self-funding to pursue their art, and the lack of return of non-fiscal income seems absurd. Yet creative people persevere. Why?

Looking at the artforms, it’s relatively easier to write a poem, or make a song, or paint a picture. These can be solo pursuits.
The average feature film takes 7 years to complete and requires multiple people to be involved.
However, often there is one champion who drives the creation of the film – this person I have dubbed The Originator

I am investigating the idea that The Art of Perseverance in feature film making is at its highest in the Originator, and if we can find out what that is, can therefore help present and future generations of filmmakers achieve their dream.

Elements of this theory has been well researched, such as in The Australian Producers Survey 2009 and 2011. This excellent survey has some great findings and insights and influenced me greatly in pursuing this thesis.
The results are presented in a very ‘black-and-white’ quantitative manner.
My thesis attempts to add some ‘colour’ by interviewing feature film makers in Australia.

The output of the research will be done over the next 6 months and my analysis to be completed by November 2104

  • Thesis written document
  • Supporting website
  • eBook
  • Documentary

In due course, I will be starting some surveys, polls and forums and comments  to crowdsource the view from other industry practitioners and interested viewers,

I actively encourage your thoughts and insights via the comments function, or by contacting me directly

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Hope you enjoy

Nick Bolton
January 2014

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