Tim Lea

Tim LeaBiography:

My background is that of Corporate Finance …. but with a creative twist. Every morning come rain, shine (or hangovers) over the past 12 years, I have been writing – usually in cafes close to my previous places of employment – usually from 6.45am – 8.30am every morning. This discipline means I have now now written 7 full feature screenplays, have written and produced 3 shorts, NURSERY CRY’MES, EASY MONEY, and 54 DAYS and written 10 short 10 minute plays, most of which have been performed to audiences.

In general term, my creative writing voice is that of healthily controversial thrillers – thrillers that seek to challenge the status quo, to make an audience think – and that is what I have sought to do with 54 Days- make you think about the very primal issue that affect us all – survival and what we will actually do to survive – just ask the gunman who held me up with a gun on my first visit Sydney to Sydney in 1991….

This passion for healthily controversial thrillers has resulted in one of my earlier thrillers, Murder By Proxy being granted development funding by the South Australia Film Commission. This is the next movie on the slate to be produced. In terms of film school study – I have undertaken two production courses both at MetroScreen in Sydney, and have also undertaken the year long Story Series twice with Karel Segers at the Story Department – to develop, deepen and fine tune the writing craft.

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 10.46.58 am

In order to expand my directorial skills I have spent the last two years working closely with theatre actors within the Sydney theatre scene and have written and directed 10 short plays that have been performed, and received well – ranging from a 5 year old girls monologue about Nursery Rhymes (with a very dark twist) through to a comedy about a transvestite door bitch that takes over the gates of heaven from St Peter – oh those Kings Cross clubs have a lot of inspiration to offer!!

This amalgam of writing and directorial experience has given me the confidence to take on my first feature film; to share the passion for film making with the whole cast and crew alike involved with 54 Days – they are a class act and deserved and earned the creative freedom to express their creative visions. Each and every one of them has been instrumental in suggesting and working with ideas that enhanced the overall quality of the movie. At the end of the day the responsibility of the movie is mine and I will do everything with the resources we have to make it the best we can make it.

– Tim Lea

Links to Tim:
Website: http://www.54daysthemovie.com/producers-of-54-days/
Linked in: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm6196858/?ref_=fn_al_nm_2


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