The Worm Hunters by Randall Wood

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 12.02.41 pmSynopsis:

In a Turkish headquarters the world’s top earthworm scientists concoct a plan to find and name their ultimate discovery. Nothing will stop them as they travel to all corners of the world with spades, GPS worm locators and secret worm outing fluids to unearth their prize. But love turns savage when things don’t go to plan and the worm gets the upper hand. An epic adventure into an underground science and an unstoppable passion.


In a dark underworld of dirty deeds, vile slime and deadly pollution, scientists are exposing an animal that could help save our challenged planet – the humble earthworm. So what can it tell us about earth’s geographic evolution? Can it reverse the earth’s infertile hot spots? Can it really cure cancer? Is it the answer to toxic waste? In 2009/2010 The Worm Hunters go underground to find answers. Armed with spades, GPS worm locators, secret ‘worm ousting’ fluids, back-hoes and worm evacuators our somewhat oddball, but dedicated, scientists literally search ‘high and low’ for the world’s first Super Worm.


Links to the film:


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