John L. Simpson

John L. Simpson is an award winning creative producer with over twenty years experience working in the performing arts arena.
Following The Jammed, John L. produced and co-wrote “men’s group”, which went onto win Inside Film Awards for Best Film, Best Script and Best Actor. In 2008, John L. was awarded the AFI Fellowship, to tour men’s group around Australia. In 2010 Screen Australia announced John L. Simpson and Titan View as the recipient of their Innovative Distribution Funding for 2010–2012.


I believe people need stories. Stories have the power to change the world, one person at a time.

The projects I’m drawn to often address some level of inequality. They don’t always present solutions, but they usually provoke thought and passionate discussion.

My work in children’s entertainment focuses on fun, friendship, and the peaceful resolution of conflict. There are no evil characters, just misguided ones, who eventually realise the harm they have caused.

As a producer I keep one eye on the story and the other on the team.

I believe in creating an atmosphere which promotes trust and harmony. More than ten years experience as an actor has taught me the value of a positive work environment. It is only when you feel safe that you can truly release your creative spirit. Loyalty, faith and encouragement will inspire each member of the team to do their best work.

People are the greatest resource a project has. With guidance, encouragement and the freedom to contribute, they may have a sense of ownership of the project. When that happens, magic occurs.

– John L. Simpson


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