Touch by Chris Houghton



Touch is a haunting mystery that unfolds layer by layer about Dawn, and her daughter Steph, who take to the road after Dawn assaults a man. Hiding out in a secluded motel, Dawn is desperate to keep her daughter hidden yet entertains a risky sexual liaison with a local cop, Nick, by night. Dawn is hiding from something far greater than her words or actions reveal and when the man tracking her closes in, her past finally catches up with her and a shattering truth is revealed, forcing her to go to the one place she doesn’t want to face.


The Creatives:

Touch is written and directed by Christopher Houghton, whose short films have screened at festivals around the world. His short film SWING won Best Film at St Kilda International Film Festival and was nominated for Best Short Film at the 2007 AFI Awards. Christopher recently completed his first feature documentary SONS & MOTHERS that premiered at the Adelaide Film Festival 2013. Touch is his first dramatic feature.

Touch is produced by Julie Byrne. Julie is also producer of the surrealist mystery The Dead Speak Back, a film by Jason Sweeney, that premiered at the Adelaide Film Festival 2013.


Links to the film:



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