Redd Inc. by Daniel Krige


About the film:

REDD INC. is a bloody original Australian horror film starring Bad Boy Bubby himself, Nicholas Hope, and also featuring a cameo from make-up FX maestro Tom Savini who also oversees the design and execution of the films brilliant SFX.

One of the most original, fun and downright nasty local horror flicks in a long time. Nic Hope is a revelation as the demented Reddmann and it makes you wonder why he isn’t being cast in more horror films…


Convicted ‘Headhunter’ serial killer and former corporate manager, Thomas Reddmann (Redd) is demented from experimental procedures endured at the unorthodox mental asylum from which he has escaped. Redd maintains his innocence and is determined to prove it. He creates Redd Incorporated (REDD INC.), a twisted version of the modern office environment, filling it with six abducted people he holds directly responsible for his incarceration. His captive ‘human resources’ are literally chained to their desks and forced to perform the impossible job of finding the real killer. They must work in gruelling circumstances to prove the unprovable or face gruesome consequences.

REDD INC is a macabre office where written warnings are carved into foreheads, filing cabinets overflow with body parts and a trip to HR is likely to end in a grisly “termination”.


Links to the film:



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