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Where’s the audience for Australian films?

Rebecca Mostyn is the Research Manager, Production and Industry at Screen Australia and has been a great help to me and this thesis.
In January 2014, Rebecca wrote this great article for The Conversation on ‘Where’s the audience of Australian films?
There is some robust discussion in the comments at the bottom of the article as well.

Around 25 new Australian feature films are released into the market each year – so who’s watching them, when and how are they watching, and what makes them choose home-grown films over imported blockbusters?

films ata ussie cinema graphic


Video – What do you actually do for a living?

The Creative Industries Innovation Centre (CIIC) has created a video that provides a definitive answer to a question often posed to creative professionals: “What do you actually do for a living?”

The video points out that without the creative industries, all other industries would find it harder to be industrious, which is why the words “creative” and “industry” in fact complement each other very well.

The launch of this video builds on the CIIC’s recent release of the Valuing Australia’s Creative Industries report, which examines the economic value of Australia’s creative industries. You can download a copy of the report and see how your sector is traveling here:

Survey – How many Australian films have you seen?

A great quiz from Jenna Guillaume at Buzz feed can be found here.
Your budding reporter scored a rather poor 53 out of 165 but in defence I’ve only lived here for 15years. That counts doesn’t it!
It did remind me what great films Candy, Dirty Deeds and Two Hands were – must re-watch them again. And its time to watch some of the classics.

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Pre order the film ‘Love of My Life’ by Michael Budd

Thoroughly enjoyed interviewing Michael Budd, the Director of Love of my Life at NAFA back in March. Cant wait to see his film. Michael is now on the Pre Orders push:

Hi Guys we need your help Pre-Orders should help put our film into the Top Tier of titles on iTunes. Meaning it should appear in the Top 15 of our primary Genre (Horror).
Please let us know if you buy

Here is the trailer:

love of my life form michael