Your ‘Rate of Learning’ is at its highest as an entrepreneur

One of the key insights coming out of my thesis is this notion that other tangible benefits are the drivers for filmmakers as opposed to just monetary benefits. The term ‘psychic income‘ is often used to describe this
Psychic income is the personal or subjective benefits, rewards, or satisfactions derived from a  job or undertaking as separate from objective or financial ones.

I came across this new term on LinkedIn this afternoon- the ‘ROL’  or the Rate of Learning Definition: Rate-of-learning is the velocity at which you are aggregating new insights and deploying them in ways that build value.

This article by Kyle Tibbits for demonstrates that the most valuable compensation for working at a startup as opposed to a “normal job” is a dramatically higher rate-of-learning (ROL)

Do read the article but this diagram provides a neat summation. The phrase ‘you cant buy experience’ is well known and there is something to be said about just going ahead and making the film happen.

rate of learning

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