Research – Stephen Follows ‘2014 Film Industry Survey ‘

One of the benefits of doing a thesis is that it forces you to research your sector and you come across new thought leaders. Stephen Follows is one such commentator I didn’t know of and now I always look forward to his emails in my InBox.

So I hope you find his 2014 Film industry Survey as interesting as I do. download the whole
There is alot ot take in here but I thought this element was particularly of interest

Stephen Follows 2014 Film Industry Survey

Here is the Executive Summary
Thank you for reading the full results of my 2014 Film Industry Survey
On my blog I explore data and statistics within the film industry. This started as sharing existing public
statistics but quickly grew to include the gathering of new data.

The film industry is heavily influenced by shifting opinions, so I thought it would be fascinating to take its
temperature on a number of hot topics including piracy, the appeal of 3D, gender, and how optimistic
industry professionals are for 2014.

I contacted a cross-section of industry professionals and asked them questions on a variety of topics. My full methodology is outlined at the end of this report.

As with all my research, my aim is not to prove a particular point but to see what interesting results the data provides.

Some of these results confirm the conventional wisdom while others challenge it. I am looking forward to seeing how film professionals, pressure groups and journalists respond to these results.

If you would like to know more, offer help/advice on future research or to just drop me a line, I can be reached at

It’s always nice to hear from people who enjoy or use my research. I am also open to new collaborations and commercial projects.

Enjoy the results,
Stephen Follows


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